Home No Home

Katarina Šoškić

The rooms I was renting are rented to some other people to spread their microcosm there, to feel settled for a while.

While far away from home, to feel at home is transitory.
It follows the rhythm of the moves, as for many, to live is to leave,

to come back, to trace them back, the moves, is an intrusive gesture of introspection – housing as a checkpoint of the mental state, not yet seen as a commodity.

Memory is a construction, as moving is a necessity.
How would ‘feel at home’ feel like, if we were all settled down?

I know no other place to come back to but to this permanent moving of mine.

During the months of July, August and September 2016, I visited or tried to visit all the flats that I used to live in or to sleep in for longer than three nights in last eight years in Vienna. This is a fragment from the series of photographs I’ve taken.

Katarina Šoškić

Katarina Šoškić is a Serbian artist who lives and works in Belgrade and Vienna. She uses photography and words to research social phenomenon, culture and subculture, impacts of tradition and history, construction of social roles and underlying psychological mechanisms.