I Came a Stranger

Ekaterina Sevrouk

I am particularly interested in the lives and circumstances of migrants and refugees. This is due in part to my own life story and my experiences as an immigrant, but also to the influence of the journalistic war photography of my father Sergey Sevrouk, now deceased, whose name I chose as my artist’s name. My own personal journey from Russia to Germany took me via Austria, and I lived there in Vienna and St. Gilgen between 2010 and 2015. And while I’m currently living and working in Berlin, I regularly spend time in Salzburg working on various projects.

Salzburg is well known and loved as a cultural centre, far beyond Austria’s borders. What’s more, Austria’s fourth largest city has stood out recently with a particularly dedicated refugee policy, showing the world what a country and its people can achieve when it comes to coping with migratory movements.

As a photographer I’m always striving to make use of the means of artistic expression at my disposal to

  • create aesthetically ambitious photographs that go beyond the politics of the day and purely documentary photography
  • record events that are of relevance in terms of contemporary history, such as current migratory movements in and around Austria
  • make a contribution to society and prompt viewers to ask themselves to what extent we still embrace the ideals of humanity and the spirit of the Enlightenment that shaped early Romanticism in Germany.

My personal thanks to all those who appear in my photographs for their willingness to be part of my project.

Ekaterina Sevrouk

Ekaterina Sevrouk, born 1975 in Moscow; since 2015 student at the Neue Schule für Fotografie in Berlin.